Employee Spotlight – Kathryn Lukes

If you’ve called Public Works, there is a good chance you have been assisted by our administrativeprofessional Kathryn Lukes. Over her eighteen-year tenure, starting as a utility billing clerk and moving to Public Works, her friendly demeanor and focus on providing quality customer-oriented service have bolstered the services provided to Syracuse City residents.

Kathryn’s knowledge extends into all facets of the administrative duties in the Public Works
department, including processing curb cut and excavation permits, street light management,
easement release requests, fleet management, annual reporting, and helping develop programs for water conservation efforts. She is skilled at breaking down tasks to create processes, which supports providing responsive uniform services.

One thing that makes her day is to receive phone calls and emails sharing what a great job the
Public Works employees are doing because she witnesses firsthand the hard work and diligence that generally goes unnoticed. A favorite part of her job is working with so many amazing people who make her feel valued and appreciated.

She enjoys spending time with family, especially her children and grandchildren and looks forward to visiting those living out of state more often after retirement. Her hobbies include tatting, crocheting, and a newfound interest in card making.

Kathryn—we are so appreciative of your career serving the City of Syracuse!

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