Public Works Update

Beginning November 15th, overnight parking is prohibited on the street between midnight and 6:00 a.m. This will remain in effect until March 15th. Parking on the street is also prohibited during the daytime when it is snowing. Parking violations will be enforced with fines whether it is snowing or not (see City Code 11-20-050). Please ensure that your vehicles have a place to park off the street without blocking sidewalks.

Please be sure that your landscape does not cover or bury your utility lids. Trim the overgrowth of lawn and vegetation to prevent them from covering the lid. This will allow the city to provide better service to you. It also allows a rapid response in an emergency when a valve may need to be turned off to protect your home and property.

Properly storing and disposing of cleaners, pesticides, fuel, oil, fertilizer, paint, and salt greatly reduces the potential for environmental contamination. Now is the time to properly label, cover-up, contain, secure, and properly store potential pollutants to prevent them from going into a storm drain. All containers should be closed when not in use and stored off the ground and under cover to be protected from the outside elements. Household hazardous waste and electronic waste can be disposed of at the Wasatch Integrated Waste facility. Let’s protect our environment.

Please keep your gutters and storm inlet grates clear from leaves, grit, and debris. When there’s good drainage into the storm drains, it prevents flooding and keeps our downstream habitat healthy. As leaves continue to fall, please look out for neighbors who may need assistance with raking, sweeping, and preventing leaves from going into our storm drains. Thank you for making our community look great!

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