Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Youth sports Spring Soccer Registration will be January 1-February 24.  This program is for Little Kicks (must be 4 as of September 1, 2018) thru 6th Grade.  All leagues are Co-Ed.  Cost is $46 (Residents). – Registration fee includes a jersey, shorts, and socks. Baseball/Softball Registration February 1- March 31 This program is for pre-kindergarteners (must be 5 before September 1, 2019) … Continue reading Parks and Recreation

The Gaileys 50 Years of Life Together

This is the love story of Mike and Jayne Gailey who have been married for nearly 50 years. Mike comes from generations of family members born and raised in Syracuse. The earliest were subsistence farmers. Having spent most of his life here, he is grateful his wife was willing to follow him to Syracuse many years ago. While Mike’s parents were building their dream home … Continue reading The Gaileys 50 Years of Life Together

Ham & Cheese Frittata for Two

Ham & Cheese Frittata for Two Whip up a delicious breakfast for the one you love this Valentine’s Day with this easy frittata recipe.   Made with just a few simple ingredients you probably already have on hand, it takes only 20 minutes to make and is just the right size for two.  Switch up the veggies, cheese, and meat to your liking. Frittatas are completely … Continue reading Ham & Cheese Frittata for Two

The Fire that Destroyed a Church in 1940

The Fire that Destroyed a Church in 1940 Fire raged through the old Syracuse Ward House in October 1940. Ivar Youngberg, a Syracuse factory worker, noticed a light and smoke in the church on his way to work at 11:00 p.m. and called Sheriff Joseph Holbrook. Sheriff Holbrook called the Layton Fire department as flames leaped from the brick structure and the Kaysville fire department … Continue reading The Fire that Destroyed a Church in 1940

Ruby Red Velvet Crumble Muffins

Give your Valentine his or her true heart’s desire this year with a homemade decadent breakfast sweet in love’s favorite shade of red. These tender muffins are a cinch to bake and almost too pretty to eat. Serve them slightly warm with a generous pat of softened butter for a treat that’s sure to win over taste buds and hearts alike. Makes 12 muffins Ingredients: … Continue reading Ruby Red Velvet Crumble Muffins

Using a Business Entity to Limit Personal Liability

UOne of the greatest blessings of living in the United States is the freedom we enjoy.  We are free to exercise our religion, speak our minds, own firearms, retain privacy, and so much more.  We have the freedom to pursue the American Dream and create successful businesses, and many people do! Recent U.S. Small Business Administration data shows that there are over 30.2 million small … Continue reading Using a Business Entity to Limit Personal Liability

New Council Member

Lisa Bingham In November, Councilmember Andrea Anderson resigned from the City Council because she and her family are moving to Utah County. According to State law, the City Council is required to appoint a new councilmember within 30 days to fill the seat for the remainder of the term. On December 11th, the City Council received several applications for candidates to fill the seat. Through … Continue reading New Council Member

History: Edwin Gailey

It is an enriching experience to hear stories from our Syracuse history. The Syracuse Museum is filled with items that bring us closer to the past and help us discover some real heritage heroes. One of these heroes is Edwin Edmonds Gailey born December 3, 1894 in South Hooper, Utah. His granddaughter, Joan Nakaishi, wrote the following about a portion of his life: “The war … Continue reading History: Edwin Gailey

Guns and Hoses Fundraiser

Biannually, the Syracuse Police Department and Syracuse Fire Department face off for a basketball game in the name of a charity. This year the group learned that there were 5 children from the Syracuse community who were part of the Make-A-Wish Utah program and decided that was their charity of choice for this year’s game and auction.  As a coordinated effort, the two departments teamed … Continue reading Guns and Hoses Fundraiser