Utah Furniture Direct

The great American entrepreneur is defined by several things. One of the most valuable is his ability to see an opportunity in doing things differently. Often, entrepreneurs can solve issues that bigger companies are unwilling or unable to solve because they are smaller and more agile with much smaller expenses. Utah Furniture Direct was born out of such an opportunity. For the past 14 years, … Continue reading Utah Furniture Direct

American Prestige Roofing Spotlight

Sometimes you just want the job done right. When Ken Wilmot started American Prestige Roofing in 1991, he decided to make sure to do things right. Born and raised in Utah, Ken worked for a roofing contractor during high school and beyond, learning the trade. He moved to Washington for a short period to learn welding which was in huge demand at the time. Realizing … Continue reading American Prestige Roofing Spotlight

Oasis Montessori School

The Oasis Montessori schools have a rich history of caring for and teaching children. Kanchana and Ramesh fell in love with the Montessori schooling as they raised their children. Kanchana Duwe taught high school using the Montessori approach for about 15 years before she and her husband, Ramesh Wettasinghe, decided they wanted to open their own Montessori preschool. Living in California at the time, they … Continue reading Oasis Montessori School

Coleman Orthodontics Business Beat

Local orthodontist Brett Coleman knows first hand about braces, he had to wear his for five years as a younger child. Some kids and adults have complicated orthodontic problems and very crooked teeth! Local Orthodontist Brett Coleman was one of those kids. He had to wear braces on his teeth for nearly five years to straighten things out. You would think that would discourage him from braces forever … … Continue reading Coleman Orthodontics Business Beat

Timeless Medical Spa & Weight Loss Clinic

In 2009, Brent Williams had been a family physician for over 20 years when he and his wife, Debbie, decided to start TimeLess Medical Spa & Weight Loss Clinic. They started out with a plan to build a business for their retirement in Aesthetics (specializing in the cosmetic treatments of the skin). Shortly after starting the clinic, Brent and Debbie attended a conference of the … Continue reading Timeless Medical Spa & Weight Loss Clinic

Business Beat – Accucolor Digital Printing

  Lee and Judy Barrett were both working in various aspects of the medical industry in early 2007 when they decided to purchase a wide format printer to allow them to start printing banners and posters at home for several commercial projects in the area. They were hoping to eventually augment their retirement. They made the decision to open up a store front in Clearfield … Continue reading Business Beat – Accucolor Digital Printing

MaidPro Business Spotlight

After six years of serving in the Air Force and spending time at Hill Air Force base, Preston and Kassitty Knight had to make a choice: take a transfer out of the country, or retire from military life and move into civilian life. Preston was an air traffic controller and had experienced a fascinating career in the Air Force. He had been at Hill Air … Continue reading MaidPro Business Spotlight

DIY Photography

By Ryan Spelts Scott Sneddon spent nearly 21 years in Air Force as a Military Police Officer. Even though he worked as an officer at his day job, Scott has always had a passion for photography. He would set up a photography studio where ever he was currently assigned around the world. He has had studios in California, Germany, Korea and finally, he settled here … Continue reading DIY Photography