The Fire that Destroyed a Church in 1940

The Fire that Destroyed a Church in 1940 Fire raged through the old Syracuse Ward House in October 1940. Ivar Youngberg, a Syracuse factory worker, noticed a light and smoke in the church on his way to work at 11:00 p.m. and called Sheriff Joseph Holbrook. Sheriff Holbrook called the Layton Fire department as flames leaped from the brick structure and the Kaysville fire department … Continue reading The Fire that Destroyed a Church in 1940

History: Edwin Gailey

It is an enriching experience to hear stories from our Syracuse history. The Syracuse Museum is filled with items that bring us closer to the past and help us discover some real heritage heroes. One of these heroes is Edwin Edmonds Gailey born December 3, 1894 in South Hooper, Utah. His granddaughter, Joan Nakaishi, wrote the following about a portion of his life: “The war … Continue reading History: Edwin Gailey

History: Syracuse Fire Station

This month, as we remember our freedoms we enjoy in our state and in our country, we celebrate our local heroes for working hard to keep us safe. Sometimes our freedoms can be taken away from us in an instant in the case of an emergency, but luckily our heroes at Syracuse City Fire Station work tirelessly to protect us and do everything in their … Continue reading History: Syracuse Fire Station

Heritage Days has had an interesting history

 It started as Founder’s Day many years ago which was run primarily by the Lions Club in Syracuse. During the 60’s and 70’s, the LDS Church started encouraging local Stakes to purchase and maintain “Stake Camps” for the enjoyment of church members. The Syracuse Stake purchased and maintained Camp Woodland in Morgan, UT. At that point Founders Day was changed to Fun Days and started … Continue reading Heritage Days has had an interesting history

High School Graduation, Circa 1900s

This month we will see the end of the yearly ritual of high school graduations. Seniors, happy to have finished that milestone in their lives, now look forward to college or jobs or whatever their plans are. For most teens, completing the 12th grade is expected, but one hundred plus years ago, it wasn’t the norm. Many young people went to only the 8th grade, as … Continue reading High School Graduation, Circa 1900s

Step Back into time to the Syracuse Resort

 Imagine at one time on the far northwest end of Antelope Drive stood a glorious bathing resort that enticed thousands of people from all over to come and enjoy its magic. The resort was beautifully landscaped with large trees, bushes and flowers. Picnic tables, bathing houses and a large pavilion where brass bands played music only added to the ambience of the long gone resort. … Continue reading Step Back into time to the Syracuse Resort

Bluff Road’s Colorful Past

More than a century ago, gold-seekers and emigrants followed an old trail that started at Salt Lake City and ended at the City of Rocks in Idaho. The discovery of this new short-cut to the California and Oregon Trails was made by Samuel J. Hensley. In August of 1848 he decided not to take the disastrous route the Donner-Reed Party had taken in 1846 across … Continue reading Bluff Road’s Colorful Past

Looking For Love in the Desert

The onslaught of pink and red hearts, frilly Valentines, the promise of roses, love poems, candy, or jewelry is already upon us. It can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day and all its romance and loving wishes is around the corner. Valentine, an early Christian, was martyred on February 14th, the same day an ancient Roman love lottery took place annually, and so, once raised … Continue reading Looking For Love in the Desert

Antelope Island State Park Its early exploration & natural features

By Ryan Spelts       Imagine the wonder John C. Fremont and Kit Carson experienced in the 1840’s when they explored and mapped much of the West which assisted in the massive immigration into the now Western United States. When Mormon Settlers came to Northern Utah, they weren’t the first to discover and inhabit Antelope Island and its vast surroundings. John C. Fremont had … Continue reading Antelope Island State Park Its early exploration & natural features