Crystal Hot Springs

Tucked at the base of the mountains just east of Honeyville, Utah is a world renowned mineral hot spring resort called Crystal Hot Springs. I actually spent a large part of my childhood living just around the corner from the resort. It was always one of my favorite places to swim and we still enjoy visiting with our family today, especially since my parents’ ranch … Continue reading Crystal Hot Springs

Climbing the Grand Teton: The Local Mother of all Hikes

I have wanted to climb the Grand Teton for many years. It took lots of experience and prep for me to be ready. This spring and summer, I have been hiking nearly everything local in order to be ready for my trip, focusing on steep climbs. I used a training plan, much like I would to prepare for an endurance race. I put a lot into … Continue reading Climbing the Grand Teton: The Local Mother of all Hikes

Park Renovations

 The Parks and Recreation Department of Syracuse City has been hard at work maintaining and renovating the parks for the public to use. This summer, many of the Syracuse recreational areas were fitted with new lights, bathrooms, and much more. • Canterbury Park was given a facelift with a resurfaced basketball court, fixed poles, and replaced backboards. Canterbury Park has 5.25 acres and has a … Continue reading Park Renovations

Hike Angel’s Landing

On April 3, during spring break, I got the amazing opportunity to hike Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. This was definitely on my bucket list, and I was excited to cross it off. Angel’s Landing is around 5 miles round trip, the first half of it being steep, but not unbearable. Once you hiked up the beautiful pathway to the Saddle, that’s when the … Continue reading Hike Angel’s Landing

Hike: Red Castle

Hidden deep in the Uinta Mountains is a picturesque, magnificent castle. No, not a medieval “knights of the round table” type castle, but a colossal mountain peak with vivid red rock cliffs. The splash of red illuminates the skyline as a glorious back drop to the mossy green meadows and deep blue lakes that surround it.  This hidden beauty is a short 150 mile drive … Continue reading Hike: Red Castle

Hike: Cutler Trail

If you live in Utah, you know that it can be a very long wait for spring. Even this year, when we’ve barely had winter. My solution: don’t wait until spring to get out in the mountains! The Wasatch Mountains are spectacular under snow. The air is crisp and fresh, and the trees smell amazing. When everything is under snow, you and your snowshoes have … Continue reading Hike: Cutler Trail

Hike: The Frary Peak Trail

By Brody Bovero One of the secrets about Antelope Island that only the locals know is that winter arrives late and it leaves early due to its lower elevation. While trails in the Wasatch Mountains and foothills are covered with two, three, or six feet of snow, many of the trails out on the island are still clear for a nice day hike. In early … Continue reading Hike: The Frary Peak Trail