Precious Pets Stella & Shadow

Stella and Shadow, our bunnies, joined our family from the Humane Society of Utah. We went to read stories to the cats and dogs about four years ago, then came home with bunnies. We have all been best friends ever since. Stella was almost one year old when we got her. She is a lion head and has the softest fur behind her ears. She … Continue reading Precious Pets Stella & Shadow

Precious Pets

Molly This energetic Yorkie/Jack Russell mix enjoys wedding the garden, watching TV and traveling. Nearly two years ago we purchased a cute six week old puppy. She is half Yorkie and half Jack Russell.  She is a fun, energetic dog with the wonderful personalities of both breeds. She loves other animals and people. One of her favorite things is watching “Dog TV” on YouTube with … Continue reading Precious Pets

Precious Pets – Bear and Toby

These two beloved pets take very  good care of their family. Bear came to us shortly after our daughter was stillborn. To say he’s been a blessing to our family is an understatement because he brought us joy during a time when we weren’t capable of feeling it on our own. He’s become a skilled therapy dog and is notorious for seeking out people who … Continue reading Precious Pets – Bear and Toby

Precious Pets – Nina

On our little farm, Iron Wings Ranch, pretty much all animals of all makes and models are welcome. In the beginning, we started with just horses. My goal was to take horses out of bad situations and provide them with care and love until I could find a family they fit into that would become their forever home. The horses were not alone for long … Continue reading Precious Pets – Nina

Precious Pets

  Argon & Xenon Bonnie and Brent Bourgeous have two golden retrievers. Argon and Xenon, the brother and sister duo, love to go on adventures with the Bourgeous family. Bonnie and Brent’s son, Kyler, loves taking them on his hikes over to Antelope Island. He also takes them backpacking with him. The dogs even carry their own doggie backpacks with water and dog food.  Lately, … Continue reading Precious Pets

Precious Pet – Indiana Jones (Indy)

  What a life this pretty girl has… We are talking about the dog of course. Indiana Jones (Indy) has been part of our family for 6 years. She came to us from a family member who named her Indiana Jones before realizing that she was a girl.  We decided to keep her name and she has been known as Indy ever since. She has … Continue reading Precious Pet – Indiana Jones (Indy)