Community Question Corner

Question: How do we get access to city records? Answer:  There are many ways to get information from the City. First, a public record request may be submitted to the department that keeps the record. Record request forms are available online and at city offices, or you may generate your own. Second, a request may be submitted to the City Recorder, regardless of the department … Continue reading Community Question Corner

Syracuse Elementary Has A Unique History

If the walls at Syracuse Elementary School could talk they would tell you tales of horses, wagons, school buses and many remodels. The school’s story begins way back in the spring of 1899 when the decision was made to build a new elementary school in Syracuse on the east side of 2000 West just north of 1700 South. There were already several other schools in … Continue reading Syracuse Elementary Has A Unique History

September Calendar of Events for Seniors

MONTHLY MOVIE Wednesday, September 12 @ 1 p.m. (The Miracle Season) FREE ~ Please RSVP THINK TUESDAY Tuesday, September 18 @ 10 a.m. (Three to Kings/Three Thirteen) FREE ~ Please RSVP LUNCH & BINGO Wednesday, September 26 @ 12 Noon Guest Speaker: Suggested donation of $3.00/person Must RSVP by 10 a.m. on Monday, September 24, 2018 SENIOR YOGA Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 8 a.m. Available … Continue reading September Calendar of Events for Seniors

Kids Activity Monday Fun Day

Water coloring My great-grandpa, Glenn Graff, was a teacher/principal in many little towns in Southern Utah. During the Depression he was a Principal in New Harmony. Times were hard and he was grateful for work. The first 15 minutes of his class in the morning was spent in singing. He would write the words of the song on the black board and the kids copied … Continue reading Kids Activity Monday Fun Day

Climbing the Grand Teton: The Local Mother of all Hikes

I have wanted to climb the Grand Teton for many years. It took lots of experience and prep for me to be ready. This spring and summer, I have been hiking nearly everything local in order to be ready for my trip, focusing on steep climbs. I used a training plan, much like I would to prepare for an endurance race. I put a lot into … Continue reading Climbing the Grand Teton: The Local Mother of all Hikes

Help Keep Our Students Safe

School is back in session and Syracuse Police Department is reminding drivers to slow down and be aware of crosswalks, bus stops and intersections. On 2000 West, in front of the Junior High and Elementary School, is the H.A.W.K. or High Intensity Activated Crosswalk. This is designed to help make it safer for the pedestrians to get across the street by letting drivers know there … Continue reading Help Keep Our Students Safe

Mayors Letter

Harvesting the Syracuse Salt Flats in the Late 50s On August 9th this year, the City again hosted the Tour of Utah bicycle race. It has international draw. The leg of the race that passed through Syracuse began at the Garr Ranch House on Antelope Island and streaked quickly across the causeway, crossing the salt flats in mere minutes. Just so you know, those racers … Continue reading Mayors Letter

Arts Council 5K Fun & Other Events

Syracuse City Arts Council was thrilled to host our first-ever 5K fun run!  The event took place on June 29th and featured around 3 dozen runners. It was a beautiful morning for a run. We are very appreciative of the support of the runners and sponsors, especially Tanner Clinic as title sponsor. Jesse Petersen came in first place with a run time of 18:03, followed … Continue reading Arts Council 5K Fun & Other Events

Public Works Department

Tree Trimming Protect your trees that extend over the sidewalks and roadways from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians. When pruning trees, remember 7-11: you must allow a clearance of 7 feet over a sidewalk and 11 feet over a street. With this clearance, it allows service vehicles such as garbage trucks, mail delivery, and street maintenance vehicles full access. This also increases visibility to … Continue reading Public Works Department

Lunch with the Mayor and City Manager

Having lunch with a civic leader in your community is an exciting experience. The Syracuse City Administration provides the opportunity each year for Syracuse students, from elementary to high school, to meet with Mayor Gailey and Brody Bovero, the City Manager. During the day, Mr. Bovero speaks to the students about several departments, explaining how each combine to help a city grow and continue to … Continue reading Lunch with the Mayor and City Manager