Art Activities Monday Fun Day: Photo Wall Decor

I found this project on Pinterest a few years back. Having pictures of your family in your home is so fun but can be quite expensive, especially if you try and keep the photographs up to date. I don’t know about you, but my kids grow like weeds. I love this approach because it is inexpensive and I can update the photos as often as … Continue reading Art Activities Monday Fun Day: Photo Wall Decor

American Prestige Roofing Spotlight

Sometimes you just want the job done right. When Ken Wilmot started American Prestige Roofing in 1991, he decided to make sure to do things right. Born and raised in Utah, Ken worked for a roofing contractor during high school and beyond, learning the trade. He moved to Washington for a short period to learn welding which was in huge demand at the time. Realizing … Continue reading American Prestige Roofing Spotlight

Kokanee Salmon

Hiking the Causey Reservoir Every mid-September, the salmon at Causey Reservoir lay and fertilize eggs, turning a beautiful vivid red as they swim upstream. We hiked around the reservoir to see the fish, and I think it’s a fun hike every family should try to do. Here’s how to find the stream. Cross the bridge that leads to the dam which holds Causey Reservoir in … Continue reading Kokanee Salmon

Monsters in the Great Salt Lake

Is it possible for a lake that covers approximately 1,700 square miles and has a maximum depth of 33 feet to harbor a monster or two? The Great Salt Lake with its haunting desert landscape and brine shrimp has encouraged a barrage of myths, legends, and mysteries for hundreds of years. Stepping back in time to July 13, 1877, the Salt Lake Herald newspaper printed … Continue reading Monsters in the Great Salt Lake

The History of Halloween

Voices calling out in the night air saying, “Trick or Treat … Trick or Treat” Children and their parents race from house to house Friends and neighbors meet along the street Dressed as characters they like in their season of life Some are homemade, some store bought Bags open and ready to capture FREE candy What a bounty! Hope it’s warm enough not to need … Continue reading The History of Halloween

Attention Are you on Medicare?

IS YOUR PLAN COSTING YOU TOO MUCH? IS YOUR PLAN STILL THE RIGHT PLAN FOR YOU? The wrong plan can cost you plenty of money even if the plan has a $0 premium. The 2018 Annual Open Enrollment Period is from October 15th through December 7th. During this window, you have the opportunity to switch your plan if needed. Because Medicare has so many parts, … Continue reading Attention Are you on Medicare?

Chili Recipe

Simple and Fast Chili Recipe Everyone has their own traditions, especially when it comes to holidays. Halloween is no different; some people carve pumpkins, or go over to a family member’s house. My family’s tradition for many years was going up to my grandma’s house and having her chili, then going trick or treating the rest of the night. I grew to absolutely love Halloween … Continue reading Chili Recipe

2018 Photo Contest Winners

What an amazing photo contest! We had 121 entries with over 4000 votes cast. It was so much fun to watch, as many of you worked hard to get your friends and family to vote on your photos. The quality and beauty of your photographs were amazing. The hardest part was picking the editors choice winner. Thank you for participating! A BIG thank you to … Continue reading 2018 Photo Contest Winners

Things that make you crazy after an accident! Auto Insurance 101

A-Insurance Agencies 1. Finding out something is not covered by your policy: Two of the biggest issues after even a basic auto accident are Towing/Emergency Roadside Service and Rental Car Reimbursement while your vehicle is being repaired. Neither of these coverages are expensive, but since they are not required on an auto policy people often don’t add the coverage and don’t realize it until they … Continue reading Things that make you crazy after an accident! Auto Insurance 101