From the Mayor

During the Continental Congress held in 1775, Benjamin Franklin was appointed the Postmaster General of the colonies that were uniting themselves against Great Britain.  By 1847, the first US postage stamps were issued. In 1855 prepayment of postage was required. In 1860 the Pony Express was begun. This year we will celebrate the sesquicentennial anniversary of transcontinental rail service. By 1863, mid-way through the Civil … Continue reading From the Mayor

Join the Mayor’s Task Force for the Future of Syracuse

The projected growth of Syracuse City will undoubtedly bring change to our community. Preparation for that growth is needed now! That’s why Mayor Gailey is heading up a task force of citizens, business leaders, land owners, and schools to prepare a vision for the future of Syracuse. Specifically, we are looking for interested residents who have lived in the City within the following timeframes: Less … Continue reading Join the Mayor’s Task Force for the Future of Syracuse

Mayor’s Message

Mother hated horses. As a little girl, the buckboard she rode in flipped while fording the Spanish Fork River when the horse startled, catapulting her into the current. I still hear the mandate: “Michael, you are forbidden to be anywhere near a horse!” How does a nine-year-old boy, living in 1950’s Syracuse honor his mother? It was a beautiful summer day in 1959. Mom whisked … Continue reading Mayor’s Message