Clearfield High School’s Food Pantry Fundraiser

CHS holds an annual fundraiser each year called “Falcons Are Fabulous.” This year, all of the proceeds will go toward Clearfield’s very own food pantry. Starting this food pantry will help Davis County create a “no hunger zone” and ultimately combat hunger in the Clearfield community.  CHS has set the goal higher this year than ever before at $50,000.  Students are determined to positively impact … Continue reading Clearfield High School’s Food Pantry Fundraiser

Toy Drive

Syracuse’s Annual Toy Drive has just begun. The Toy Drive will be run from the 1st of December through the 14th. Syracuse is partnering with the Syracuse City Elementary schools to create a list of students who are in need this Christmas. All donations will be accepted at Syracuse City Hall, just put any donations in the toy collection bins. All donations must be new … Continue reading Toy Drive

The Lions Club: Wonderful Service Done by Wonderful People

The Lions Club sounds like something out of a comic book, only these heroes are the real deal. Founded in 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, Lions Club International is around the globe, helping people in need and serving many. The Syracuse Chapter was founded in 1951 with 25 members, barely 16 years after the city itself was founded. From the start, the Lions Club has served … Continue reading The Lions Club: Wonderful Service Done by Wonderful People

A Soldiers Story

Honor.  Courage.  Commitment.  Those are the core values of the United States Marine Corps, and they are what drew me to that particular branch of the U.S. Military as a young 16-year-old kid.  Well, that, and a cool commercial with a young man going through an obstacle course and attacking a giant fire monster with a sword before transforming into a Marine standing at attention … Continue reading A Soldiers Story