Island Fundraiser Thank You

ISyracuse City thanks all individuals and businesses who sponsored The Syracuse ISLAND project during our October fund drive. The project raised over $41,000 in cash sponsorship, plus additional in-kind sponsorship of labor and materials. This will go toward improvements, such as (much-needed) shade structures to provide refuge from the hot summer sun. Did you miss the deadline? No worries, you can still be a sponsor. … Continue reading Island Fundraiser Thank You

Syracuse Fire Department Announcements

Syracuse Fire Department is proud to announce that Syracuse City will receive the ISO (Insurance Services Office) Class 3 public protection rating, effective February 1, 2019. This is a huge improvement from our last ISO survey in which we were assigned a Class 4 rating.    ISO is a third-party independent agency that evaluates and classifies over 46,000 fire protection areas across the United States, and as … Continue reading Syracuse Fire Department Announcements

Public Works Updates

Tree Trimming Protect your trees that extend over the sidewalks and roadways from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians. When pruning trees, remember 7-11: you must allow a clearance of 7 feet over a sidewalk and 11 feet over a street. With this clearance, it allows service vehicles such as garbage trucks, mail delivery, and street maintenance vehicles full access and increases visibility to traffic … Continue reading Public Works Updates

Employee Spotlight-Ladd Kendall

Employee Spotlight-Ladd Kendall Ladd Kendall is a stellar Public Works employee of Syracuse City, working as a Facility Maintenance Technician. When Kendall isn’t at work he enjoys spending time with his horses and outdoors. “When he is not fixing things, he spends time with his family,” said Robert Whiteley. Kendall was awarded Employee of the Month for May 2018. Thank you for your hard work … Continue reading Employee Spotlight-Ladd Kendall

Parks and Recreation

Youth sports Jr. Jazz Basketball Registration dates: 1st Session August 1- October 6 Divisions: Itty Bitty Hoops (boys and girls Kindergarten Only), 1st grade boys and girls, 2nd grade boys and girls, 3rd/4th grade girls, 5th/6th grade girls. *Leagues will begin the end of October and run until mid-December. 2nd Session: August 1 – November 10 Divisions: 3rd grade boys, 4th grade boys, 5th grade … Continue reading Parks and Recreation

Syracuse City Arts Council

Thank you to everyone who attended, participated in, or supported Hairspray the Musical. It was a huge success, and we are overwhelmed by the amount of community support given to that production. The Symphony Orchestra have begun rehearsals for their fall concert. If you would like more information on how you can join, please email We are excited to announce that our first junior … Continue reading Syracuse City Arts Council

Up-Sized Water Tanks

Syracuse City is investing in its water system. We are upsizing both the culinary water tank and the secondary water tank. The culinary water tank will be upsized to a three-million-gallon tank and its current one-million-gallon tank will be converted into a secondary water tank. This improvement will help as Syracuse City continues to grow and allow everyone to gain access to water they need. … Continue reading Up-Sized Water Tanks