The Ducks at Jensen Pond

Should we feed the ducks at Jensen Pond? In many cases, the answer to this question is actually… No. When it comes to feeding ducks, the most common choice for many people is bread. Despite our best intentions, however, bread can actually be detrimental to a duck’s health. According to the National Geographic Education Blog (, a spokeswoman for the Royal Society for the Protection … Continue reading The Ducks at Jensen Pond

Public Works Updates

Public works is dedicated to contributing to a safe environment for the community by providing fast and courteous service. Public works handles all matters regarding water, storm water, sewer, land drain, streets, street signs, street lamps, as well as pot-hole and sidewalk repairs.  Contact us with concerns! For any concerns related to these matters, the first contact made must be to our public works department. … Continue reading Public Works Updates

Employee Spotlight

Brenda Leota – Building Permit Technician As a Building Permit Technician, Brenda processes applications for building permits as well as several other services. This can be a daunting task these days, given the rapid growth occurring in Syracuse. Brenda has been a dedicated employee of the City for over 20 years. She has held several positions throughout the years, including a crossing guard and a … Continue reading Employee Spotlight

Ruby Red Velvet Crumble Muffins

Give your Valentine his or her true heart’s desire this year with a homemade decadent breakfast sweet in love’s favorite shade of red. These tender muffins are a cinch to bake and almost too pretty to eat. Serve them slightly warm with a generous pat of softened butter for a treat that’s sure to win over taste buds and hearts alike. Makes 12 muffins Ingredients: … Continue reading Ruby Red Velvet Crumble Muffins

New Council Member

Lisa Bingham In November, Councilmember Andrea Anderson resigned from the City Council because she and her family are moving to Utah County. According to State law, the City Council is required to appoint a new councilmember within 30 days to fill the seat for the remainder of the term. On December 11th, the City Council received several applications for candidates to fill the seat. Through … Continue reading New Council Member

Guns and Hoses Fundraiser

Biannually, the Syracuse Police Department and Syracuse Fire Department face off for a basketball game in the name of a charity. This year the group learned that there were 5 children from the Syracuse community who were part of the Make-A-Wish Utah program and decided that was their charity of choice for this year’s game and auction.  As a coordinated effort, the two departments teamed … Continue reading Guns and Hoses Fundraiser

Tobin’s Elite Martial Arts Travels to Greece

Tobin’s Elite Martial Arts  Travels to Greece to Represent USA Tobin’s Elite Martial Arts school arrived at Salt Lake international airport at 1:30 PM. Nine team members of TEAM USA started a journey that made history for Utah and Davis county. This adventure started in April of 2018, in San Antonio Texas at the Pan AM games. Each team member qualified for the right to … Continue reading Tobin’s Elite Martial Arts Travels to Greece

Community Question Corner

Community Question Corner Question: Where do I report problems or dangerous conditions that I see in the City? Answer:  When it comes to identifying dangerous conditions, we need your help. City staff only have so many sets of eyes; we can always use more!  If you see something dangerous – like a raised sidewalk, a loose manhole cover, or a fallen road sign – don’t … Continue reading Community Question Corner

Don’t Be Almost, Decide to Be!

I used to have a serious problem with goals. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist and that can be painful when you set goals. Because if you set goals that stretch you, you are bound to fail sometimes, if not often. That does not sit well in the over-particular brain of a perfectionist. I became so frustrated with goals several years ago that … Continue reading Don’t Be Almost, Decide to Be!