Monday Fun Day Activities

How to have fun when it’s too cold outside I don’t know about your family, but on those cold days, especially if we don’t have snow, we find ourselves spending way too much time in front of electronics. Coming up with ideas to keep the kiddos entertained on those days can be quite challenging. Pinterest has loads of ideas. Crafts, games, sewing projects and baking … Continue reading Monday Fun Day Activities

Kids These Days-Where Syracuse teens spend their time

Whether they’re driving from Syracuse High or walking from Syracuse Junior High, kids are a lifeblood of Syracuse City. During the summer and after school, the youth flood the city to have some fun, enjoying the warm sun and the freedom to do what they love. Most teens gravitate towards several spots in Syracuse to have a good time. • The Rush Funplex: If you’re … Continue reading Kids These Days-Where Syracuse teens spend their time