Connection Publishing is a community magazine company. We stared with a goal to create more connection in our own community in 2016. Today we help other cities create that same connection with our official city magazines. We specialize in partnerships with small to medium sized city’s and replace their fold up newsletter with one of our professional magazines. This website serves as a companion to your community magazine. These magazines contain city news, local stories, history, students of the month, positive community stories, business and restaurant spotlights as well as recipes. We include stories by and about each community we serve so that they receive a customized magazine just for their community. The advertisers listed here and found within your magazine are how these publications are possible. We would love to hear your story ideas and we accept guest authors. We avoid politics and focus on the lifestyle in each community we serve. Thank you for joining us in helping foster the connection we all crave in our lives. 


The Spelts Family, Owners Connection Publishing, llc