Mayor Message

“Kids are Taking Over What We Produce”

Mayor Mike Gailey

A sweet chore is sitting at my desk each month and addressing you through the Syracuse Connection Magazine. Because of time constraints, my words have to be penned nearly a month ahead. In recent days, I’ve heard rumblings concerning our youth returning to “in person” schooling in the fall. I certainly hope that’s true.

The focus last month was on those who were to receive the Key to the City in 2020. Jan Jones, the wife of Brent Jones, was one of the wives accompanying her honored spouse. Now, I know Jan by her maiden name. She is a Dahl. I had a crush on her cousin in elementary school. Jan said to me in interview: “Syracuse is a great place to raise kids. Kids are taking over [what we produce]; instead of onions and grain!”

Now, that is worth noting and a bit remarkable, since her brother, Brad Dahl, is co-owner and Vice President/Sales at Onions 52 here in the community.

Sorry Brad! She’s right! The most valued produce is our children and grandchildren. They will be community leaders soon. After much discussion with the members of the City Council and staff, we are pleased to announce a reorganization of the Youth City Council and the creation of the Syracuse Youth Commission. We will retain a youth council, under newly written bylaws; however, we will be adding an affiliation with the North Davis Communities That Care Coalition [NDCTC] and establishing a community service youth component composed of high school-aged seniors living in Syracuse.

I was invited months ago by Davis County Behavioral Health to examine what would become the NDCTC. After attending a couple of orientations sessions, I invited councilwoman Corinne Bolduc (who has advance training in healthcare) to serve as the city’s liaison to NDCTC. When Lisa Bingham was appointed to replace Andrea Anderson on the Council, she became the liaison to the Youth Council. She now chairs the Youth Involvement Committee of the NDCTC.

The two components of the Commission described above are specific to senior students. The final component of the new Syracuse Youth Commission is reserved for high school-aged juniors living in Syracuse. One day, I was awakened to the tremendous resource that is assembled in and among our city staff. The city has its pantry filled with professionals, those with post-graduate training, all meant to raise and sustain the level of service we enjoy. We’ve graduate degrees in management, engineering, planning, parks and recreation, law, law enforcement, fire, emergency services, recordkeeping, human resources, IT, and finance. We’ve certified staff in water and road system development and maintenance. We would offer our junior students a look into the window of possibilities regarding what they might become while serving as a volunteer intern to these professionals.

We envision the time commitment required to participate in any of the three components of this new commission to be approximately two hours a month.

If you’re a parent, give your son or daughter a nudge. If you are a high school senior or junior, please apply with Shauna, our HR specialist at Hope to greet you in September.

-Mayor Mike Gailey

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