Merry Christmas, Dear Deputy

Merry Christmas, Dear Deputy

By Katy Martin

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the streets,
The deputies are driving
Patrolling their beats.

While we snuggle down
In our socks and our sweaters.
Each deputy dons
All their gear, boots and Kevlar.

We sit by the fire
All cozy and warm,
And think of our deputies
Out in the storm.

And even the deputies
Who aren’t on this shift,
Know what it is like
As they’ve given that gift.

The gift of protection
While we’re safe inside,
Drinking hot cider
Or on a sleigh ride.

Instead of an evening
Filled with joy and with light,
They venture outside
In the cold dark of night.

Tonight may be joyful
But it won’t be for all,
As our guardians in blue
Go to answer their call.

The calls from the helpless
The hurt and afraid,
Our deputies answer
With knowledge and aid.

And though you would think
This would be a bad way,
To spend Christmas Eve
Or to spend Christmas Day.

Our deputies work it
With pride and with skill,
So that we, safe at home,
Can enjoy some goodwill.

For we know they are watching
Out in the moonlight,
Merry Christmas, Dear Deputy
We thank you, safe night!

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