Message from Mayor Maughan

“As a city government, we have a mission of continuous improvement. We plan and work to serve the needs of the city and secure a better future.”

Thankful to live in Syracuse, Utah

In the season we think about what we can be thankful for, I want to point out a few of the many things often overlooked. I am not under the illusion that we live without room for improvement. As a city government, we have a mission of continuous improvement. We plan and work to serve the needs of the city and secure a better future. Today let me note everyday blessings that are not part of every city in Davis County, in Utah, and particularly not available everywhere in the world.

Peace – Total tranquility may not exist in every home at every moment, but we don’t face violent invasions from foreign armies such as those in Israel, Ukraine, and other hostile locations which are enduring every day. We have the daily reminder when jets fly over our city from Hill AFB that we live in a well- defended country.

Sanitation – Citizens of our city rarely have a second thought that storm drains will carry away excess water, and when you flush, ‘it’ leaves your home. If you have lived through a natural disaster where these systems were overwhelmed, you may know the dangers. In many parts of the world, these systems don’t exist. In Syracuse, amazing men and women in our public works department serve so you don’t have these worries.

Protection – Should anything threaten your person or property we have well-trained first responders on call to protect us. In addition to many other services, we can rely on those who would rush to our aid in any emergency, fire, medical issue, or threat to person or property. The bravery of committing to such service is not as common in our society today, and we are so blessed with talented individuals of high character in these positions.

Prosperity – We are not immune to the struggles of inflation, or the challenge of shortages in the supply chain; however, even the least among those in our city do not suffer the struggles present every day in other parts of the world. As a city, we average above the median incomes, employment, and in-home values. While we do have homelessness and unemployment here, it is not commonplace to see those without shelter or clothing. We are truly blessed those problems are limited enough we can support others in need and not live surrounded by a greater need than we can give aid for.

There are many reasons to be thankful in Syracuse. We are surrounded by many blessings we don’t often recognize. I invite you to take a moment this season to
consider these and many other forgotten blessings that allow us to face other challenges rather than very basic challenges here in Syracuse, Utah.

Mayor Dave Maughan

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