Public Works Update

Water Conservation
Echo reservoir is the largest reservoir that delivers water to Syracuse. It is nearly depleted. Here are some things you may consider to improve water conservation:
• Buy a smart clock controller for your sprinkler system. It allows you to control water use while considering local weather conditions. It is controlled from an app on your phone. This is also handy while checking for repairs by turning on or off the setting while you are watching the zone. Utah Division of Water Resources is offering 50% rebate on your cost of a smart controller.
• Consider using xeriscape for areas of your property, particularly if it gets very little foot traffic or if the area is too small for over-reaching spray heads on sprinklers, such as park strips. There are incentives to flip your strip if it is landscaped with grass in front of a single-family house. You may call public works to inquire about free excavation of grass in the park-strip. By eliminating grass from park strips, thousands of gallons of water that over-spray onto the road and sidewalk and drain into the storm system will be saved and can be used for more useful areas in your yard.
• Mow your grass at the highest setting to allow the grass to shade the roots. Allow the grass clippings to remain on your lawn as mulch, then sweep or rake up any excess clippings. Be sure to sweep any grass clippings that are in the gutter or street to keep the storm system clear and able to handle large rainstorms.

Season is ending, temperatures are cooling
Secondary water will be turned off on September 20th.

Temperatures are cooling, and there are fewer daylight hours as we approach the autumn season. Remember to adjust your sprinkler clock to reduce the water duration and number of days. We recommend that you follow the Utah Division of Water Resources “Weekly Watering Guide”.

Water Meter Lids and Secondary Water Valve Lids
Please be sure to keep your water meter lid and secondary water valve lids accessible. Also, be sure that new landscape does not cover or bury the lids. Trim overgrowth of lawn and vegetation to prevent them from covering the lid. This will allow the city to provide better service to you. It also allows a rapid response in an emergency, when a valve may need to be turned off in order to protect your home and property.

Building and Equipment Maintenance
Some things to consider while working around outside buildings and equipment include the following: Look for any types of leaks. Oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, fuel or any type of liquid running out of heavy equipment, small equipment, garbage cans, barrels, and fueling stations. These items would all be considered pollutants that may run into a storm drain system. When you see these kinds of situations, take time to fix, replace, or take care of the problem. THIS WILL HELP PREVENT POLLUTANTS FROM ENTERING THE STORM DRAIN AND POLLUTING OUR WATER.

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